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Dec. 5th, 2007


look look! im a pruhfessunal!

whee! after much slaving over dreamweaver and photoshop, I have this...

Welcome to my wonderful portfolio website.

for more illustration graduate websites, go here

tell me what you think. not bad for a first time website, huh? (nevermind that i dont have a clue how i did it. just that dreamweaver is deceptive, so easy yet SO HARD if you go wrong.)


edit: dangnabbit, the menu image swap doesnt work properly in firefox. ARRGGHHHHH!! the writing glows then doesnt. curses.


Nov. 23rd, 2007


Sunshine, a labour of love. aaarrrggggghhhhhh!

I love this damn book.  I love it to pieces, and the english version of the book has a cover that is well... PANTS. Its boring. Uninspiring. Slightly spooky, but so clearly in the 'adult' market, all creativity sacrificed to differentiate it from a lot of Mckinley's other work which usually wrongly ends up in the childrens/teens section.

So I tried, I really did! I tried to give it a cover deserving of its contents. No greyed boring houses, no stock photos, but a proper, lovely illustration. I have actually done a gazillion different damn versions, and my God, if my tutors dislike my FINAL one in favour of the earlier ones, I shall be ohsoangry, and cry, because I love it and I think it suits the book and I think it also doesnt look too young.

So without further ado:

And then after the cut, you can see the process I went through to get to this point. I did far too much work this week.


Nov. 12th, 2007


a sketch i like

Yeah, Im pretty taken with how she turned out.

Oct. 30th, 2007


Desperately seeking meaning - an editorial illustration

just a glimpse of some of the stuff im doing this year so far.  More to come when i can be arsed to put then up online ;)

Jun. 7th, 2007


I'm so cultured. like bacteria.

A book cover for The Odyssey, fresh out of photochop:

I have so much more to doooo.... arrgghhhhhhhhh.  Assessment is tomorrow at 3 ish. say a little prayer /wish me luck, whatever floats your boat.  please no curses, i could do without the poxes upon my name ta.

I have to finish some roughs for cinderella now. YARGH WHY AM I SO LAZY.

May. 24th, 2007


werk? werk! werrrrk...

So i had to do an editorial - I chose to do one for an article on 'kiddie spas, the end of innocence. I tried to capture the tone of the article but in a comical manner. It ended up being more disturbing than i liked...


Mar. 17th, 2007


some stuff I forgot to post on here...

Im sure i should have posted these a loong time ago, so you get them now... Stuff from my week in paris.  And then some extra surprise at the end!

Its fairy image heavy under the cut, so if you have a stupid connection, sorryyyyy. get a better one. ;)

Mar. 15th, 2007



So i took the time to actually go and scan in some stuff ive done recently... cinderella!

These designs are WELL overdue, but ive been labouring over them with love.

I re-did cinderella 3 times. 3 TIMES! she doesnt even look that different. im thinking she might even be too boring...  the ugly stepsisters were a problem too, i couldnt really get the 'look' i wanted at all. What i have here is the closest ive gotten. Hopefully the success of the fairy godmother and the prince will help me overlook the trouble i had with the others.

these are my final designs:

Cinderella, in her rags.


Jan. 22nd, 2007


The Kraken Wakes!

Well.. what shall i write.

Im not entirely sure how long its been since i've made a proper entry on here. have i even made one this year?

enough of that. whats going on?


haha, this is like trying to catch up with an old friend, only i keep thinking: where do i start? and never really get started.

SoCollapse )

Dec. 2nd, 2006


Freedom is being able to draw your own world

one incredably bad photo of my latest piece of artwork, a proper scan will replace this in due time.

I er, started drawing and just didnt stop. Its not college work at all, but boy did i enjoy doing this!

I love that I just drew her randomly on the page and then i was able to make a good composition out of it. planning? who needs planning! just go with the flow.

I like to think shes me, after some plastic surgery and weight loss. oh alright then. shes the inner me. My inner me is a stunner. and she likes to dance, in floaty dresses and with wild hair, like no one is watching her and shes so completely free.

handy that the christian union here will be running an art competition with the theme of freedom. now i have something to enter! and theres a cash prize, but i think my concept is a bit.. generic. no harm in trying though.

Sleep, i think. I really didnt have the time to do that. but eh, i havent done anything personal art-wise in quite a while.

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